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I was expecting a long and industrious career at the lab, now I can retire early and buy a nice beach house near Napoli.” The situation for unviersitities across the world is less clear.

Ph D students are expected to have up to seven theses each to cope with all the extra discoveries.

I didn’t see it (grrrr, didn’t find out until too late) but I have heard from several who did that the UFOers comported themselves rather less than civilly. Check the comments in any of my UFO posts and see what the average level of discourse is from people who disagree with me.

Check the antivax posts to see how awful some people can be.

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But you have to deal with it, as galling as it might get.After a three week review CERN Director General, Rolf Dieter Heuer has announced that the LHC will not have another run and that the international laboratory will be closing its doors to science.The revelation follows an intense week of discussion, analysis and rumour mongering.He is an evolutionist, a believer in reincarnation, and does not believe in Jesus Christ as God. Amit Goswami and recently I was drawn to his documentary, now on Netflix, called "The Quantum Activist" If you do not have Netflix, own it as a stream online for a mere .99.He wrote the textbooks for students of Quantum Mechanics. He is a scientist, a professor, that shows evidence for downward causation. I saw some video interviews on You Tube where he made some very good points also and I will post them at the end for those that wish to explore his research more.

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    After discovering a staggering 327 new particles the physicists managed to prove the existence of supersymmetry, extra-dimensions, dark matter, micro black holes, technicolor, and top quark condendsates. Theorist John Ellis commented “I never thought I’d see this in my lifetime.

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