Taraji henson dating

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And together with her flourishing career, it seems like the 44-year-old star has also a flourishing love life. Henson is now being romantically linked to her "No Good Deed" co-star Idris Elba.

The equally talented British actor and Henson are reportedly going steady following their movie.

And it has nothing to do with her success versus mine...she's a Virgo, she's loud, she's aggressive.

And I'm big, and I'm aggressive and I need a woman that's got a soft voice, and her voice doesn't even go above a certain octave." Before I close my eyes...... You will forever be introduced as ladies and gentleman please welcome #Oscar Nominated and #Gold En Globe award winning actress @tarajiphenson #Legacy #Hard Work #determination #Driven #ambition #noshortcuts #Our American Shero I love you forever...... And if you have a weak stomach stays way on our first show we talk about sex before marriage.... I'm not willing to marry #PBV Potential Bad Vagina airing on JAN23rd on the #OWNnetwork - ladies and fellas chime in....

Cookie has nothing to lose but I have everything to lose.

At the same time, while I am diplomatic, I will also stand up for myself. I grew up in the 'hood but was too scared to go to jail so I wasn't selling drugs or doing them because my goal was to get out of the 'hood.

Henson, 46, a Golden Globe-winning actress, shares how life has changed, personally and professionally, for her since Cookie came along and reveals her dating fears. I had to buy a house in California on a private road and I have to get up very early in the morning and dress in a hoodie to walk my dog, so that's a direct result of the show.

I always loved to people watch but now I can't because they are always watching me. I think I'm a very outspoken person but I have to be politically correct.

His father was taken from him at a young age and that's tough on a boy because he really needs a man in his life.

It's not like Gibson doesn't often proclaim his love and admiration for Henson via his Instagram, Twitter and Facebook accounts. Run and Essence Live to discuss his new talk show, which is geared towards adults in relationships, and finally speak on whether or not he and the star could create magic together as a real life couple.

"I don't really know what that chemistry is independent of the movie set and we both have never tried to go there either," explained Gibson of what it would be like to date Henson according to Gibson explained how they are really good friends and although he is aware that most people want to see them together and are rooting for them to become a couple, he's just not sure if their personalities would work together in a romantic relationship.

Following her very successful portrayal of Cookie Lyon opposite Terrence Howard as Lucious Lyon in the hit musical-themed TV series "Empire," Taraji P. And while she already debunked rumors of her involvement with Idris Elba, "Empire" star Taraji P. "Me, I desire a lot of attention and time and when there's a newborn, you have to give your time and attention to [them]" "When I met him, I did find out that he had a woman," she confessed.

Henson has indeed become one of the most sought-after actresses in Hollywood. Henson said that she has no time in dating as she's really busy with her show.

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