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“It sounds very romantic, except I’m naked.” Asbaek might be joking about that last part — he’s been drinking wine, he says by way of explanation — but either way, it’s a much-needed moment of relaxation for the Danish actor, who’s currently playing the maniacally eye-shadowed Euron Greyjoy on .

(He also has another good reason for the mini-break: “I don’t want to get a divorce before I’m 35.”) Still, he made time to talk to Vulture about Euron’s evolution since his big introduction to the HBO epic.

Related: Tinder to Roll Out Verification Feature for Love-Hungry Celebrities The user, a Hollywood, Calif.- resident who works as an assistant director at a company that we confirmed is neither a direct or indirect competitor of Tinder’s, asked to remain anonymous due to his position within the Los Angeles film industry. I was chatting with a 'girl' on tinder the night before your article came out and she mentioned that she was 'relaxing and playing a game called Cattle [Castle] Clash' she asked if i had ever played that game and then sent me a link to download it off the App Store. Then she told me if i play her in the game 'i might get her phone number ;)' i immediately asked her if she was advertising and she stopped talking to me altogether.

He sent us the picture included in this article in his original March 17 contact with us after reading a profile we published that day on Tinder co-founder and CEO Sean Rad. I managed to take a screen shot of some of our conversation before she blocked me and deleted our conversation.

Besides, you can’t mess with an actual prince; that just ups his attractiveness. For those who like someone with a bit more edge, Snake is the definite man for them.

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He was smart, also athletic (I mean, you can’t pass that trait up) and later in the series, had that brooding charm that some ladies are into. He’s as fit as they come, whether its young Snake or old, he’s always been a bit of a badass. The most swoon-worthy of recent leading video game men, Nathan Drake has it all.Rugged good looks, a great sense of humor, athleticism and good aim.His post was shared over 800 times, with other parents sharing similar stories.One mum got rid of the app after a similar situation: "I have had this experience too, my seven-year-old stepson had this game and he had people asking him things.

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